Same Day Dental Services

Compassion: The patient is our focus and we are proudly driven by our need for ensuring that patients feel comfortable and happy at The Night Dental Singapore.

Transparency to our patients: The Night Dental Singapore Assessment is comprehensive and thorough. This enables patients to make informed decisions for their treatment with the clinicians.

Integrity: The treatments we offer are tailored to your individual needs and patients can be assured that all treatment plans are objectively constructed and all options and finances are discussed with appropriate consent taken before entering into treatment.

Personalised Service: We provide a personalised service which is appreciated by our clientele who will return because of the standards that our Night Dental Clinic offers.

Why Choose Us?

Night Dental Singapore is an affordable out of hours dental clinic, open late at night for your convenience. So while other dentists might be sleeping, we are busy providing high quality, professional care to alleviate your tooth pain and get you smiling again.

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